Fritter Time!

This week, Sunday night hit with fatigue: bummed after losing our big tree, rattled by an earthquake, and bored with the dinner options, we stared into the fridge feeling more and more depleted by the minute.


The midlife health crisis didn’t help. Trying to limit carbs and fats and salts and sugars meant all those standby indulgences which turn veggie bin scraps into bowls of creamy pasta or baked saucy goodness were off the table.

Then it hit me!

Sunday night was fritter night at our house when I was a kid.

Mum would chop something (leftover corned beef our favorite- but mostly potato, onions or corn), mix into a fritter base and fry up for a simple sunday supper.

So with 2 grilled cobs of corn, passed over all week on the evening dinner dating game, it was time to make fritters.

Super simple.

Cut the corn off the cobs (we had 2 REALLY big yellow ones) and put in a mixing bowl.
Chop some green onion, about a half cup, and add to the corn.
Break one or two eggs, and add 1 dessert spoon of flour for each egg.
If there’s some cheese, grate a spoon or two into the mix. We had some sharp cheddar but a little feta or goats cheese is good and maybe a fresh herb from the garden like parsley, cilantro, or basil. Last night we were too tired to even think of heading down the back yard so ours were plain.. a bit of basil from the deck to garnish, the best we could do.

But so good!

Fry in a little oil and eat with a goopy condiment. For aussie kids it was tomato sauce, but now whatever floats your boat – thai sweet chili, sour cream or yogurt, cilantro chutney or hot sauce.



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